about us

Knowledgeable - Alternative to meet - Needs of children

How we came to light!

" It is our approach in which we do things, that cause the things we do to be effective"

The passion and willingness to help people is a desire that you are born with. Derrick is a young man with many gifts and dreams. Derrick did many things such as lifeguarding, building websites, speaking, teaching, graphic design work, setting up cameras, recording and producing, writing stories and so much more. With the dream of being a role model to the world and the idea that your dream will require everything you’re good at, Derrick knew exactly what he wanted to do. In 2013 he started KidsAreNext the organization that would not only help bridge gaps in Services, Support and Programs, but always bring new ideas and is a one-stop shop of YOUNG talent that works to solve a new problem every day!


Everyday from experiences in our daily routine we strive to be knowledgeable in providing a service that meets the needs of children. Whether it is supporting families and learning to bring them together or having one on one sessions with children. Our knowledge is Empirical and that's just how we like it! We are just so proud of how much we accomplished over so many years and we thank ALL of our supporters. Our students, kids, teachers and everybody that knows KidsAreNext, loves us and we LOVE YOU TOO !!


We want to separate ourselves from others by promoting our approach, which comes from our knowledge, experience and most of all our current involvement and growth in our generation. We are young and so are they, so we have a lot more in common. We then take the child we helped and turn them around to help some more, so the cycle never ends!


At the end of the day, we are here to provide a service and we all know that service is only valuable if you meet a specific need. With that in mind we promote ourselves to be the best alternative there is to former programs or the great addition to programs that may already be effective or borderline effective, whatever the case may be, we know we can help because we will do just about anything it takes.


With the empirical and book knowledge we then put it to use by trying to meet the needs of children and anyone or thing directly related to them. "Whatever it takes" is what we tend to say. We partner with like-minded individuals and organizations, we fundraise and provide funding for a specific goal or idea that another partner may have, we help people and organizations become more receptive to our generation and most of all we create and provide communities with GREAT programs that are delivered and created by kids for kids.

Our vision

“To be a Knowledgeable Alternative to meet the Needs of children and the world, together.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to Re-Vamp childhood and be A Knowledgeable Alternative to meet the Needs of Children. We want to fill the void that others can’t and be a one stop shop for Services, Support, and Programs, that build a bridge between the older generation and the new one.

“When things aren’t working, they call us. When they need something new, they call us. When they need more hands, they call us!

What don't you kids are next people do?

You can do anything, you put your mind to DO!

Till this day, KidsAreNext can only say they are successful because, they just kept on going!

The world is filled with blessings, but they are also surrounded by obstacles. The obstacles wants you to think you’ll fail, but you just keep going. We went from Mentoring and Tutoring, free speeches to running, S.T.E.M, Life skills, Gaming development, teaching JavaScript, getting kids jobs and soo much more. The thing is it TOOK time, but we got here and YOU CAN TOO! 

Meet The kids Are Next leads!

Senior Management Team

Courtney L

Manager / Instructor / Teacher

Derrick Aka Mr.D.Tunes

CEO / Founder / Instructor / Teacher

Lonnie W

Lead Supervisor / Instructor / Teacher

Steven S

Manager / Instructor / Teacher

Everyone deserves acknowledgement and will ALWAYS get it. These lovely partners been with KidsAreNext and truly earned the positions and titles they have. THANK YOIU!