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We are the voice for the generation. We show up to meetings, intervene in every process that will impact the growing generation and we make sure our voice is heard. If there is a need we express it, if there is change that is required we stress it and we don't stop.


We partner with everyone that is on a mission for greater good. We help in every aspect of marketing, retention and reception. We answer questions like how do we get them involved? Where do we place this material? or what would make them come?


Everyday we come up with a new approach, program, event and lessons, to a different issue. We perfect strategies and create new ones. Our ideas are always new and fresh and come backed with 110% effort from the K.A.N team. Can we do it? Yes We KAN!

We want to know more about KidsAreNext!

KidsAreNext offers a wide range of services, support and programs.

 Our services include anything from speaking to providing your organization a successful marketing service. Our programs are structured, trendy and cater to the needs of every child. We support everyone by being an advocate for our generation, a consultant for some and HOPE for ALL! When we say “Yes We K.A.N” we really mean that.

KidsAreNext is made up of survivors, dreamers and amazing organizations.

Our team is made up of survivors, dreamers, leaders and amazing organizations. Our staff and partners know how to pitch things to the current and growing generation. We are beyond experienced to help facilitate and we market a delivery like no other. We strongly believe in partnerships and working together, that’s why every day we spend time learning about what others are doing. Our team has their mind set to do one thing, whatever it takes to make a difference because we know “WE K.A.N”!

A taste of KidsAreNext's Programs

Man Is A Brand ™️

Man Is A Brand is one of the many programs that we offer. This program provides a comprehensive and detailed outline of topics and lessons that will be addressed. This program is for young boys of any age and simply guides and teaches the fundamentals of being a gentleman. This program is very hands on and includes lots of real life activities. This program also includes mentoring and so much more of our other services and is singled out because it’s how KidsAreNext was inspired and started.

Coding, Gaming and Development

Computer code is essentially a list of instructions that can be run by a certain program. Most code consists of plain-text documents so they can be used for many different programs. A unique file extension is given to the document to indicate the nature of the code. For example, a file created using Python is saved with a .py extension, like ‘’ However, the actual content of the file is still just plain text. This is just a taste we teach to develop scripts and edit games already made and so much more.


S.T.E.M Challenge

Our STEM curriculum is hands on and engaging. We believe that STEM is just another way to teach Life Skills, which all our programs are based on. We want kids to understand the power of the mind and foster an environment of creativity and innovation. We know that the next world changing invention is in the room, so it’s our job to water that seed by teaching the fundamentals and key elements needed to succeed. We teach Web Design, Graphic Design, Coding, play engineering games, coordinate science activities, dive into robotics and so much more.

Life Skills & Character Development

Life skills programmes are those that seek to build capacity of individuals to make decisions and take actions that positively impact their lives and the lives of those around them. A primary goal is to promote psychological as well as physical well-being. Reaching young boys and girls through life skills programmes – both within and outside of the education system – provides an opportunity to develop leadership abilities, provide vocational training, and integrate elements of empowerment for girls and young women. These programmes help to shift cultural norms and create social change for the next generation of children.

Music & Arts Program

Being a musician and artist himself, Mr.D.Tunes created a program that is designed to enhance and support the skills of current and aspiring artist. Through techniques designed to teach free writing, artist whether they sing, dance, draw or rap will be able to unleash their full potential. KidsAreNext with not just teach but give opportunity as well. This program includes studio recording time, beats, guidance, songwriting and project support (Album artwork, performances, videos, art display and more ..). With the understanding that parents can’t always afford to provide certain things, KidsAreNext wants to help fill that void.

Our Education Programs



Student empowerment refers to students prioritizing meaningfulness, competence, impact and choice in their learning journey. Strategies for instructors to use to promote student empowerment include inspiring possibilities, tapping into students’ interests and encouraging critical consumption and creation.



Generally, teacher empowerment is essential to the development of teachers’ professional commitment as it involves providing teachers with the opportunities to grow and develop, to learn continuously to expand their work knowledge and skills as well as gain a sense of control over many aspects of their work life



. Through experience and subtle coaching, newly empowered parents gain the skills and confidence they need to guide and motivate their children while reducing conflict. In turn, their children feel empowered and secure, which enhances their ability to do well in school and in relationships.

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Teachers Empowered

Empowerment is the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities. This enables them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority.

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